Saving A Surfer from a Crocodile Attack

A relaxing walk on the beach turned into a terrifying rescue to save a young surfer bitten by a crocodile. Miles from medical assistance, the boy’s life hung in the balance. When every second counted, hear how their skills made all the difference.
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Accidents Happen

TRIGGER WARNING: There are stories shared here of accidents with horses. They may be beautiful animals, but these cautionary tales will remind you of just how powerful horses can be. When Callie was 13, she was attacked by her father’s stallion. At the same age, Andrea was badly injured when she hit a brick wall while […]

Wipeout Diaries: Surfing Fails and Dog Water Rescues

You might think professional horse riders would make excellent surfers. Well, that’s definitely not the case for Callie and Andrea. But no matter the wipeout, that doesn’t stop them from getting back on their boards. Their dogs also share their love for water, and their knack for getting into frightening trouble. Apple Podcast Spotify For […]

Dive in or be Swept Away: Stories from the Water

From fleeing from tsunamis, to whitewater rafting trips Callie and Andrea probably should’ve said ’No’ to — these two have had some rough encounters with water. But something inside them keeps pulling them back.  Apple Podcast Spotify For news, latest updates, outtakes and more, join our email family at Learn more about horses and […]

Wild at Heart: Teen Tales of Adventure and Mischief

Reflecting back on the pranks, bad decisions, and hijinks of their younger years, Callie and Andrea come to the conclusion that they would’ve ended up in jail if they’d grown-up together. Now that the statute of limitation has passed and the police investigators have retired, it’s finally safe to share these hilarious stories. Apple Podcast […]

First Love, First Horse

‘First loves’ come in all shapes, sizes… and animals. The first horse Andrea fell in love with came into her life out of an unbelievable series of events that date back to World War II. On the lighter and funnier side, Callie’s first horse was the result of a neighbor’s drinking and partying. Two wildly […]